You must register with the server to be able to join.
This server is English only and still in test mode. -- started Feb 10, 2006 5:41:44 PM
All are welcome to join us and hangout and share info.

Step by Step with pictures

+Add new account,
Protocol: jabber / XMPP
Screen Name: lower_case_whatever
Resource: zaxter
Password: makeone
Alias: whatever
Port: 5222

Then click on Register and fill in your info, once that is done join the server and click on chat then room linux or tools then room list and join one.

"If you are a customer, please keep in mind that anyone in the public rooms, like 'linux', will be able to read what you type until added to a private customer support room. I'm not always monitoring, yet typing in my nick "remote", while in a room, will alert me."

Need Help ->

Or chat live using this simple Flash Client. You can also use this link to register, user name and password is all you need to make up to create an account.

Miscellaneous items in-stock for sale.

Need a chat client to join?
Get GAIM/Pidgin and replace boring user icons with these.
Or look at some screen shots and pick another XMPP client.
To download one, this place has a nice list.

Hope to see you there!